Berlin Traditional Classics


Savour the iconic Berlin street food with our Currywurst, priced at just $22. This dish features a succulent sausage, perfectly grilled and generously smothered in tangy curry ketchup—a distinctive blend of tomato sauce and curry spices that packs a flavorful punch. Paired with crispy, golden fries, our Currywurst is a must-try for anyone looking to enjoy a true Berlin classic. The combination of savoury sausage, bold sauce, and crunchy fries captures the essence of Berlin’s vibrant street food culture.

Berliner Buletten

Enjoy our Berliner Buletten, priced at $24, delicious German-style meat patties that elevate comfort food to a new level. Made from a finely balanced blend of beef and pork, these patties are seasoned to perfection with a mix of herbs and spices. Grilled to a golden brown, they are served with traditional sides such as creamy mashed potatoes and tangy red cabbage. This hearty dish is a staple in Berlin homes and restaurants alike, offering a satisfying meal that’s rich in flavour and steeped in tradition.

Königsberger Klopse

Indulge in our Königsberger Klopse for $26, featuring tender meatballs in a creamy caper sauce, served with buttery potatoes and sweet, earthy beetroot. This beloved dish from the Prussian capital of Königsberg is a testament to Berlin’s rich culinary heritage. The meatballs, crafted from a delicate mix of veal and pork, are seasoned and simmered to perfection. The creamy white sauce, enriched with the briny bite of capers, adds a luxurious touch. This dish offers a harmonious blend of flavours and textures, providing a true taste of historical Berlin cuisine.

Join us at Berlin65 and treat yourself to these delightful Berlin Traditional Classics. Each dish is priced to offer you an authentic taste of Berlin without leaving the city. Enjoy the rich flavours, warm ambiance, and a dining experience that transports you straight to the heart of Germany. Prost!

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