Spargel Wochen

Discover the exquisite taste of Germany’s White Gold at Berlin65 starting from 18 April 2024. Compared to its greener and more familiar counterpart, the white asparagus draws a much softer texture with a subtle and delicate flavour that’s sweet with just a hint of bitterness. It’s no wonder Germany’s underground King of Vegetables has a season named after it.

Spargelzeit, directly translated to mean Asparagus Time, spans from approximately mid-April to mid-June each year, when white asparagus is exclusively in season. Marking the end of winter and the arrival of spring, white asparagus season is an integral part of German culture. Festivals are held across the country, with pop-up stalls appearing all around towns and villages.

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For your daily bread try our warm Bavarian style lye PRETZEL, best simply with butter.
SIMIT sesame studded bread rings are breakfast favorites in Berlin Kreuzberg. Our chefs have come up with their own recipe and paired it with a slightly spicy Turkish tomato dip. The Turkish FLATBREAD is also our chef’s secret and comes with a Vietnamese flavored Garlic yogurt.

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Berlin mezze

Discover Berlin’s 12 districts by sharing our small and creative plates with friends.
Berlin is known for its fusion of cultures and original take on traditional cuisines.
Hot or cold, meat or veggies, playful yet polished Berlin MEZZE are inspired by the variety of food cultures Berlin is so famous for: Vietnamese, Turkish, Greek, French, Russian, Israeli, Thai……..
Our Berlin65 chefs are bringing Berlin’s diverse flavors in their very own innovative take to Stanley street.

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berlin signatures

What is traditional Berlin food?

Traditional Berlin cuisine like German food in general tends to be rustic and hearty, based on pork, beef, goose, different types of fish, peas, cabbage, beans, beets and lentils.

Our chefs Stephan, Lorenz and Gunther have selected four of the most popular dishes for you, which are also classics of  the  city’s traditional pub culture.

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From low-waste groceries to slow fashion and eco-friendly banking, Berlin is the place for a green and healthy lifestyle. The city is full of organic shops and eateries. The vodka shots from the clubs are followed by ginger shots and early morning workouts.
Our Berlin65 chefs love salads too and have come up with 3 creative choices for a start.

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The iconic DÖNER Kebap is Berlin’s Go-To- Snack food.
Humble street-food? Not at Berlin65.
At Berlin65 we offer you a multicultural inspired Kebap experience of new flavours of a traditional Berlin street-food hero.
Every bite is a new adventure. Look out for fresh reinterpretations to come.
Our Kebap chicken skewer is seasoned with German spices and prepared by our favourite German butcher here in Singapore.

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Originally from the south of Turkey, this long, hand minced, grilled meat skewers are an important dish of Berlin’s Turkish cuisine. Often served in bread our chefs’ choice is with fragrant Basmati rice. Berlin65” s Adanas are prepared by our German butcher Walter as well.

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Berlin65”s Pommes are deep friend goldies with gourmet toppings inspired by Berlin’s culinary diversity. No calorie count is available.

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Our Berliners (Pfannkuchen) are fried fluffy balls, made from sweet yeast dough without a whole in the middle, unlike the American doughnut. They are covered with powdered sugar and stuffed vanilla bean custard. Look out for seasonal jam fillings to come.

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While Berlin may be best known for its eclectic techno clubs, the city is also home to a wealth of unique watering holes – from hip microbreweries to chic cocktail lounges and rooftop chill spots to a traditional “Berliner Kneipe”.

At Berlin 65 we are showcasing some of Berlin’s favourite drinks: Homemade Lemonades, Turkish Ayran and Tea, Raki, Ciders and a wide selection of international wines.

Our Berlin beer of choice is the Pale Ale from BRLO, which we import exclusively. Prost!

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